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Fact: 99% of Companies with a National Reach Have an SEO Optimized Monster Site... and a Monster Budget
Now You Can Gain that Market Share at a Fraction of the Cost with Your Own SEO Optimized Monster Site

Want sales even FASTER ? Ask about our Facebook & Google Ads turbocharged management program.

Within 60 Days Your Brand Could be in Thousands of Cities*

Or... You may Want a Mini-Monster Site: A Local Business Lead Generation Site - Within 60 Days Your Brand Could Flood Your Local Market*

* Your business must be in a position to process and manage sales in large volume

You Control Your Market

Your product or service will be found in all the cities and towns you chose. You decide. From 100s to 1000s.

You Own the Lead

You can keep all the best leads and sell the rest. In real time. You get and own all the lead data.


All calls are taken by your team. Calls & inquiry forms are submitted in real time, to you, for immediate response.

Your Brand

A profitable branded website is an extremely valuable digital asset. You own it 100%. What are you waiting for?

So If You're Serious About Expanding Across Your City
Your State or The Nation

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Getting In Touch

Ideally, you should have an established business, a clear marketing plan and specific ROI targets for your marketing budget.

If you feel that we may be of service, then please reach out to us using the form to the right. We'll be in touch and will schedule a call.

You'll have an opportunity to fully explore and examine what we do - and how it may work for your business. We work with very few clients at any given time, and we are as selective about the clients we chose to work with, as our clients are about how their marketing budget is allocated. So no high pressure sales tactics here.

It's worth impressing that we're not a "website design" or an "SEO" company or a "Content creation" company.

The result of our work to drive leads and/or direct sales is a very large website reaching thousands of cities with quality original content and spectacular online performance. It's the engineering of site design + layout + content = Ranking + Conversion = Customers. That's what drives business. Not pretty pictures or "SEO" as you're probably - and perhaps painfully - familiar with.

If you're ready for extraordinary results, then we can create and manage a Facebook and Google ads program as well. Avoid "ad burn" where your ad works great for a few days... then dies, forcing you to create endless new ads, and spending way too much money on conversions.

In case you're thinking that Facebook and Google ads don't work... or are too expensive, it's only because online ad management is complex and sophisticated. It's really not a DIY job, unless you're prepared to spend hundreds of hours learning. However, properly planned, tested and executed, digital ads can result in the ability to scale at an astronomical - and predictable rate.

About Us

Using proprietary systems and processes, we build very large, high quality websites to reach millions of potential customers looking for client products and/or services.

We are a very small company. But due to our massive technological advantage, our quality of product is first rate, with costs typically 40-85% lower than any competitor - delivering results in a fraction of industry turnaround time. All content is original. We do not use data or content scrapers, spinners, or any "black hat" techniques which could endanger your valuable brand. Our sites have proven to dramatically outperform the competition (easily verifiable by you). Also, ongoing maintenance can easily be performed by your own webmaster. This is a critical factor, since long term site management costs can get out of hand quickly.

Your Monster Site Includes


We research your niche and work with your team to fully understand your product in order to ensure that site visitors are convinced of your expertise - which builds trust. This in-turn leads to action or "conversion" (purchase, call or form submission). Quality, subject matter specific (and relevant) content is very important.

City Page Content Writing

Quality content is very expensive. To get around this, 99% of web designers use spinners and scrapers to gather and "spin" content. Which means either paying $100 +/- for thousands of pages of scraped and spun content, delivered in minutes, or paying $100,000+ and waiting a year for articles averaging 1,000 words per page (a year of waiting only to get the content - not the site!).

Search engines display local results by the IP address of the searcher. This means that your company needs to be in every city in which you want to sell. You'll need a page for each city - with relevant content for the person visiting your site - in that city.

Spun content will invariably hurt your rankings as spun text is poor in grammar, awkward, and often irrelevant or weak in meaningful context - and definitely not convincing to a visitor but easy to spot.

Also, search engines can easily identify it - prevent good rankings - and it could even result in the de-indexing of your site's pages. Spun content cannot embed italics, bolds or links, which are very much human actions in content. We manually bold and italicise key points.

You probably gathered that we don't use scrapers or spinners. For a small fraction of the cost and more importantly - the delivery time - you'll get million dollar content quality, which you'll be able to verify yourself.

When getting comparable service quotes - confirm that your content will not be spun or scraped! Also confirm that key words and concepts will be either bolded or italicized as appropriate - on every page. It's your brand at stake.

Supporting Content Pages & Blogs

As a quality service provider or product retailer, you'll want to provide more information about your offering. This affirms your authority, it provides more clarity to your visitors and it builds trust.

You'll need about 4 separate information pages of at least 1,000 words each describing in detail a subset of your product or service. This is included.

Five custom written blogs will be in place, to get the site launched, with fulsome breadth and depth of content.

Website Construction - 100 to 12,000+ Pages

Having quality content is well and good - but must be built into every web page individually - one at a time within the site's design parameters. A skilled website professional can build a page in 20 minutes. That's 4,000 labor hours or 1 year full time work just to insert existing content!

We seamlessly integrate our content with the design, so you get a Monster Site ready to perform from day one.

Integrated Menus, Links, Slugs and Overall URL Structure

One reason large websites are very complicated is because of the web of interlinking pages. These links are evident in menus, in content, the navigation bar, as well as in the maps.

Each of the links need to perfectly match the slug for the referring page and every reference of the link on each page needs to be perfect - or the site breaks. There can be no "404's" or "Pages Not Found".


A quality site will typically require 40-60 high resolution images. These images are carefully selected to represent the brand - and compliment the site's colors - which is important for design cohesiveness, which in turn means that an attractive, trusted site will get more "conversions" and therefore, business.

In some cases,images are provided by our clients. However, we don't accept all of them, and reserve the right to choose our own.

Functionality & A/B Testing

To some extent, a site needs to retain some core flexibility to facilitate certain functions: To display advertising on the pages, to display/change phone numbers, to display/change input forms.

These functions are built in and can be activated and managed with a few clicks site-wide.

SEO Page Titles

Each page on a website needs a title which is properly defined. If you don't get it right, the page won't rank, and/or you won't get any clicks to your site.

Writing hundreds - or - thousands of page titles manually is a daunting task, for anyone. We include a unique page title for each page.

A-Z Customer Service

You're only dealing with the two managing partners. You don't have to coordinate communication with designers, programmers, SEO firms, or anyone else.

The entire process is completed in-house, and project interaction is smooth and efficient - and won't take up your valuable time.

We take care of 100% of the process and you receive a Monster Site ready to drive business. Out of the box.

Your Role

Although we welcome client input, in some instances we must reject it. The combination of design, layout, content, images, url structure, maps, menus etc., are designed to perform two functions. 1. Rank in the search engines and 2. Convert the visitor to a customer as frequently as possible.

We do however try to accommodate requests - as long as they don't (in our opinion) potentially impair performance.

Pricing & Contact

The base price for a basic NATIONAL Monster Site covering several thousand cities - complete and "out of the box" is fixed at $35,000 USD with an average 60 day delivery time, installed on your server, as described above. With shopping cart, "marketing funnel," etc, the price will be higher.

We also create "Local Lead Generation" sites for businesses serving a radius around a center city - WITH PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES. These comprehensive sites are generally about 100 pages - and can be expanded. Pricing for these Lead Generation sites starts at $5,800 USD. In most cases, the base price is inclusive enough and "feature rich" enough for most businesses. Payments are as follows: 60% deposit with order by invoice. Balance due when performance guarantees have been met. Typical turnaround time is 60 days for a local lead generation site. Ideal for any local business serving customers within a 25 to 100 mile radius of their "home town." Most successful dental, legal, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, design, etc. services have some form of "lead gen" site.

What's a "Lead Generation Website"?

The ONLY purpose a business website serves is to get more business. That means (a) make the phone ring or (b) generate a form submission for inquiry about services. These calls and inquiries are called "leads." In addition, (c) leads - new business - becomes predictable with incredible accuracy. This is because the number of people searching for any given product or service month over month is very predictable. The "job" of the lead-gen site is to capture a percentage of that stream of business.

Mistakes Made by "Website Buyers"

The biggest mistakes are (A) the belief that a "pretty" website generates business. A pretty website that is not found will not get business. You need SEO or paid traffic - or both to get business. (B) A website should be a "showcase" right up front. NO. A website should address the questions that are in the minds of your target market as soon as they hit the page. It must be clear and obvious, and you have 8 seconds of their attention to get the job done. A website can be very nice looking - and it should be, but FUNCTION can never take a back seat to design. And function means SALES. It's never what "you" want to see... but what your market wants to know about you and your business to make a "buy" decision.

Although in most cases a basic site is sufficiently flexible to facilitate further development as revenue grows and incremental costs are justified.

We will NOT add to or amend an existing website. Other development and integration options are available and will be quoted separately. We are a small company, the work is time consuming, so we can only take on a very limited number of clients per year. We do not provide ongoing support, but will provide transition oversight.

Questions? Get in touch! We'll schedule a call for about 30 minutes to get an idea of your goals and objectives to make sure we're the right solution for you. Alternatively, you can send an email to: donat [at] or tracy [at] Thanks for reading all the way down to here!

Are You a Web Designer or Artist or Have an SEO or Marketing Agency?

We do periodically take referrals and offer a referral fee. We are selective with whom we take on as a client, so if you're interested in becoming a referral partner, get in touch so we can get to know each other, and the type of clients who you may decide to send our way for an exploratory chat.

How Are We VERY Different?

Very large corporations, with very large budgets, hire a lot of people to build large websites over a long period of time - it's WHY they have the sales volume you're after. But you don't have the budget.

We deliver the same - and usually higher - quality of a similar (or even larger) website at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.

Since we're talking about marketing, you may want to know what's our Unique Value Proposition.

Answer: If you're planning to expand quickly, you may already know that you need to be found in every city and town where your customers are when they're searching for what you offer. A very large city-based website - like what we create - will do that for you the way it does it for any large national brand. We deliver the product better, faster and cheaper than anyone else: Because we invested in developing the systems and the technology to do exactly that. And that's all we do.

Multiple Revenue Sources

A large website is a very valuable digital asset capable of driving multiple income streams.

It can be utilized to capture your most profitable business, while selling the rest to your down-line, local suppliers and your network. You can also promote and sell related products.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to monetize territories you don't cover yet - by supplying leads. As you expand, you'll have a lead stream already in place - and redirect the leads from your buyers - to your own business. This strategy allows the development and discovery of the most lucrative markets - while getting paid from all of them. A particularly effective strategy for franchise brand owners and service/product suppliers in local markets who already have an aggressive growth plan in place.